The alert to short the morning spike came hard and fast

BYBIT:BTCUSD.P   BTCUSD Perpetual Contract
Just a charted recap of the trade attached based as always on the Trade Trend Indicator suite

We were blessed to catch the +2 buy alert this am see previous idea.
Once out of that we opened a very small short mindset was we would size in as she spiked back up she didn't and we are currently up 473.88% on what we did manage to take and left open.

Of course as upset as I was at the 74.62% long wasn't in my #bybit #Btcbrawl account this is even more upsetting

#TradeSafe #Tradesocially #TheDarkArmy

Link to obtain access to the Trade Trend Indicator is on my profile.

The #VoodooWarlord and MSQO are the driving factor for all #BanterBucks trade ideas. They are based on 27 years of trading experience to help guide trades.
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