$4000 or $400, the great decision is coming.

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It's unlikely Bitcoin will spend very long up here near the ATH 2.59% . The 235 day cycle is coming and is in range currently on the 16th, so if bitcoin will get a reversal it will be here.

However, if we see extended consolidation up here in this range below but near the ATH 2.59% , it shows weakness in sellers. Similar to December 2012, September 2013 and March\April\May 2016. It could spend many weeks there if it is a bullish resolution before breaking out.

Time will tell what the resolution is, but this will be a big one boys.

Continuing my usual trend of generating ideas where it can go either up, or down, so I can always look back in hindsight and say I was right :). Cheers all
Comment: Wow. $2600 out of $4000. Surreal.

Really extended right now, we'll see where this blows off at.
Current chart.
Comment: Weeee, pullback a few hours after I update this.

Only a 18% pullback in the scheme of things, this market is incredible. The volatility is amazing.

Wanna buy the dip? Trend is your friend until Margin call.

Current price 2350
Comment: #$4k

C'mon bulls, let's hit the target so I can sell.

Comment: Big consolidation here... will it resolve?

Trade closed: target reached: Close e-nuff. What a riot.
Comment: This leg is the top.

Comment: We aren't far now.
Comment: Continuing my usual trend of generating ideas where it can go either up, or down, so I can always look back in hindsight and say I was right :).

I was right. There. Ego. Go.


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BTC now at 1115 and the bull is confirmed.....
I have 2 questions id like your opinion on....
1- Did the PBOC decision delay/pause the 235cycle (in years gone by this would of tanked the price 100s of $) ??
2- A BTC ETF is inevitable its almost a prisoners dilema for USA/others now as its be the first or watch someone else take over? agree/disagree opinion
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1) In hingsight, the ETF delayed the local top up there. I don't think pboc had much to do with it. Was a mostly isolated incident (unless you were on quarterlies lol)
2) The US is what matters though, so many people in america. I think Europe is the only other major competitor where a product like that would have a big impact.
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$10,000 BTCUSD! $50,000 BTCUSD by the end of next year.
thanks bro. been following your ideas since i started trading in 2014...just after the last bubble top. have made out the last couple years quite nicely because of the great charts and knowledge you've provided. #highfive @kenzboard
lowstrife kenzboard
@kenzboard, Thanks for the words dude.
What about $5,000 USD?
We've hit 4k plus now, what is your future target for the downside as far as the price/ length of a possible bear trend?
@Tanner, 3100-3200 is a nice local support if we were to top before 5k. If we continue higher, I dunno. This leg we're currently on has had zero retrace, so there is no indication of where the liquidity lies. It's gonna be savage once this thing rolls over.
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lowstrife lowstrife
@lowstrife, ding ding ding ding lol