Bitcoin. Bounce soon or wat?

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
We're getting close to some supports.
I don't see Bitcoin just rushing below with stopping first or bouncing.
If the log trendline and ~7600 support area doesn't hold, next level I see is 6900-7200 area which is also supported by the linear trendline (since July), here:

Going to have to pay attention if we get close to these lines.

+++ I am not a financial advisor (good luck finding one in crypto). I only post for trollertainment. Trade at your own risk +++
Comment: The 2 crashes follow the same pattern imo,

I just want a good entry to a short cmon m8
Comment: 2HR inside beerrrr broke booolishe!! Badabam! Getting really close to the christmas eve, only a few more days and I can open my presents weeee!
Comparing now to last time we were on a log trendline and price got pumped to 9900 and bulls were telling me how right they were and "this is the rally".
It has been a LONG BORING wait, but we're going to get there! (And even if we don't they will be another opportunity soon there's only 3 scenarios).
Comment: Also, as I expected, the daily MA50 is going STRAIGHT for the circle.
There is NO WAY our super whale price manipulator won't want to take this unbelievable short opportunity.
If I had hundreds of millions, and wanted more, I'd gladly buy a couple thousand Bitcoins at 8000$ to pump the price up to that sick convergence circle and short tens of thousands of Bitcoins, make tens of millions just like that.
There is NOTHING stoping whales from doing this, why wouldn't they? Risk is almost zero and the reward is incredible.
I believe in my evil plan #1 now more than ever!
Comment: Forgot to post the chart...
Comment: Whale using my green arrow as support???
Trying to send a message?
I'll post a twitter/skype later if whale wants to give me 50 BTC so I stop pointing out his pumps and dumps kappa.
Comment: The boring waigt is soon over ^^ Wasn't that bad.
3 days left at MOST till somethign kewl happens :)

Since 20k BTC has been bouncing off trendlines when it crashed.
Once we go below that trendline we got this one:

I'll close my short when we get there, either the same BS as usual would happen, or that would be the bottom. Will have to wait and see.
If we lose the last trendline nothing is stopping Bitcoin till 3k XD
Just a couple of daily supports that date from hundreds of days ago and lost their significance.
On the pink line alts gonna be so juicy. Going to get some cheap NEO some 7$ Lisk maybe some other too, and let's see how much they bounce. Their price dropped so much and would drop even more <3
People prepared to buy very expensive but not interested when cheap lelelelel that's actually why samsung etc had to make 1k $ phones like apple.
I'll buy some alts at a discount from panic sellers and then sell on the bounce to people that FOMO :p
I'm only going to go long term invest on alts if they REALLY drop hard, like NEO 10$ Lisk 1$ Ripple 1 cent etc kinda random numbers but you get the idea.
Comment: Looking at trendlines to kill time...

Same stuff back in the old days...
Comment: I keep changing the time frame and seeing an inside candle -.- aaaaaa

I spent the whoel march month waiting...
I first posted my evil plan 10 days ago and knew it would be boring like this but... as we get close to the finish line I'm still losing my mind.
Comment: Oversold and with bullish divergence...
Comment: Looking at Gdax people are still panic selling massively. Buy walls around, to sell to them when the price bounces.
This could happen:
Comment: We literally bounced 5.5% every time on the way down what the hell?
Comment: Falling wedge, or crash channel? :p
I just have to expect a 5.5% bounce now, not leaving me a choice.
Comment: Ooooh man I want to day trade these bounces so badly.
Ok I got 1199.88 Tether on Binance I'm going to day trade or overnight with that, it's the most I'll risk whatever.
Let's grow that to 10 gran.
Buying some Ether now and more as it goes down.
I used to not care about money but now I'm being competitive about it I want to WIN.
And also it can change my life by allowing me to sleep...
Let's gooooo. Still waiting for the 1rst april all that, but at least I got my little binance account to keep me entertained meanwhile :)
Better than shitmex where I get liquidated...
Comment: It's just speculation, but right now it's looking like it's all over and we're getting pretty close to the 1rst April... Looks VERY VERY much like the price will get pumped soon...
Sigh are we going to see the same scam again and people reacting the exact same way "wow I bought at 9000 hahaha sorry bears yay I won''t miss out the epic rally to 100k (ye sure it was going to happen overnight hurry buy before its too late)" "Ok guys I'm seeing an inverse worthless cypher target 20k in April trust me I'm a master been doing this for 10 years".
And then get humiliated again.
And then fall to below 7k.

Same stuff over and over and over .... And people falling for it over and over so they might once catch the rally that might not even ever happen after they lost 90% of their account.

The 90 rule:
90% of traders lose 90% of their account in the first 90 days. Tihi.
Then new idiots join and do the same...

I used to know people had herd mentality and were dumb, but idk I thought when it comes to their money they're more careful and intelligent... NO IT'S ACTUALLY WORSE.
"Go to school every day study for years it ruins your young years but when you're older you'll understand trust me". Ye I'm still waiting for the awesomeness of being an executive that earns more than basic labor. Stilll waiting... So when is this awesome life that I would have regretted if I didn't study? Still waiting.
If I just said fu all retards and started trading at 18 I'd be so loaded now...
I used to be pretty gullible and stupid and cowardly. Being a young man sucks hard. No wonder girls prefer guys older than them.
You got pimples and ur stupid and worthless and ugly when you're a teen...
Comment: "It's the best years of your life"
==> Teenagers have the highest suicide rate.

Should we start executing people that hold this claim? Just shoot them on sight tbh.
Comment: Can I get a 5 or 10% now? I don't care selling at 9500 now, if I wasn't busy with work I would have sold at 9k ye I'm very mad bla bla bla I just want to get rid of the bitcoin I have left since I bought at 7400 a while ago and get ready to buy new dips.

When I miss out I personally complain and rage. I don't buy high :p
Still mad I didn't buy at 6k because the masters and legends told me it was going to 5.6k 100% guarenteed Still mad I didn't buy at 9200 because I was busy at work people harassing me.
Still made hundreds of percent gains on my acc in the past 2 months hurhurhur.
Comment: ^ This is what happened the 11 march and I expect to happen again.. hope...maybe? Would mean a lower low again (6900-7200 sadly) a big pump acting as a retard magnet till idk 9k, then the DUUUMMP.
Comment: Spam...
Yes "9500 is lower than 9900 anyway" right?
Comment: Wait. Quick look in chats.

Wut? Did I see this well? THis really happening?
People are buying at double the price? They're falling for it again?

Really don't see anything preventing a BTC pump to 9500.

This is absolutely insane. I'm actually living in an alien simulation and they're wondering how unlogical they can make things before I figure it out?
I'm actually an idiot that thinks he's smart and is getting played?
Millions of aliens are watching a reality show laughing at me?
Comment: :)
Comment: Regardless of whether the price gets pumped or not, I think crypto won't stop going down for now till the crypto market cap gets to 190-200 billion.
Comment: Help pump it to above 9200 so people see a higher low and higher high boï cmon
Or would that be too risky?
Comment: As I said on the smaller periods, where you don't need to go log to watch the chart, linear trendlines matter log don't really.
Clic on play, we bounced perfectly on the pink trendline (and went slightly below the 6900 OP support):

I don't know how far up we go now, I didn't get to buy ETH at 350 $ :( but I got some I'll sell if we really go up much, and Bitcoin which I longed xd I'm not sure where to sell...
And I'll short only if we get pumped to 9k, but if we go past 8000 maybe I'll short a tiny tini bit.
Comment: I do not know for sure but if I had to take a guess I'd say it goes to 7700$ at least.
Comment: Monthly inside candle? Sure.
But the 2 month inside bars man.
Comment: No comment...
Comment: How much more can we go down without a v shape recovery? 15% or emore...?
Already went down 25%...
Comment: Never really goes down more than 25% without at the very least a 10% bounce...
And more than this might be 30-35% max and then big bounce 20%

Anyway, I think now I know I have to trade shorter times than 5-10 days or I just lose my mind. I cannot wait all that time.
Guess I'll stop posting "if maybe" ideas 2 weeks in advance...drives me nuts
Comment: Fear and panic at its best.
If we just go to 6k with no recovery I'll have to start going long with leverage, no choice!
Comment: Didn't want to look at this but I guess I have to...
Comment: Alert set on 6300 never know we might actually go down there and beyond.
I'm going to afk now this is too boring.
Even I am surprised we fall so much with no bounce yet...

And people were calling me an idiot 3 weeks ago when I was warning of such a crash :'D Now they're the ones pissing themselves and mass panic selling. "Hater" "Fool" "Haha sorry bears" "Loser you just mad he's a better analyst than you" etc... smh
Comment: Going to use Elliot wave theory(ies) to help figure out where we go at least.
I want to see at least 15% on this bounce! That's what BTC usually does on strong bounces after falling hard with extreme fear and people persuaded we go straight to extreme lows. Usually does more than 15% actually.
Comment: Bounced 9.9% exactly. Guess that's good enough.
It has now retraced to 0.618.
If here doesn't get more than 10%, 6k gets 15% imo.
People are more panicked than usual so less bounces have to be more cautious etc.
Still no good short entry thought...
Comment: Inside candle in the middle of nowhere tells nothing about what direction we could be going next XD
More suspense let's go!
Just want to glue my ass to a chair at home and day trade bounces 24/7 long short long short long short.
Comment: If I can give an advice... probably best just set alerts close to 6k and 8k and go afk chill...
This month I wanted to try out shitmex, and I ended performing very poorly compared to what I could have done...I'm thinking of how much I should have grown...want to cry. It not only fked me by being bad but made me do mistakes...

Well still performed godlike compared to 99.9% ... Disapointed non the less because with the trades I took and what I knew I was on my path to ....

A motivational quote:
"People are very afraid to lose.
People are very afraid to fail.
I've failed rather spectacularly."

"Every single loss that I take
encourages me, because when
you do something wrong, now
you know what not to do.
You've learned."

- Timothy sykes

Maybe I shouldn't consider making huge gains losing? Gains or no gains I fked up good...

Ok disclaimer: I doubled my crypto acc in february and in march I made 35% (or maybe it will be a bit more month isn't over) BUT I should have been tripling ... (so times 6 in 2 months)...

This pisses me off and in April I will be a monster and make monster gains.
Well if it doesn't go consolidate for a whole month...zzz...

Please stay volatile...
Comment: Set buy orders on 5800-6200 now or wait till we get there to make sure the rsi is low and everything?
(obviously second one).
These times are risky, I wish I could set buy orders and go chill like a boss.
But now we have to monitor all the time...
Comment: Breaking news I heard peasants at my workplace (no idea who these guys are but they're plebs trust me)
talk about how we lost macafee support that meant BTC goes to a million and that the news gurus (wtf?)
said ripple was below 50 cents and you shouldn't buy they were joking about idiots who would be buying low.
Oh yeah using the news as your main source of analysis and the interest in ripple and what MacAfee the guru says and making fun of people buying low is how I know they're plebs.

I'll short when we go sub 6k, but after we bounce I won't sell low!
Comment: Bulls aren't that strong, not expecting 15% anymore, but who knows.
Comment: I started this chart a month ago but was too lazy to finish it -.- , was 80% done lol
Comment: I've been giga bearish for a month, people were flaming and getting me banned at the start, and BTC performed even WORSE than I expected, bull breaks barely get follow up, bounces have the minimum strength they could possibly have...
LOL. RIP Bitcoin.
Comment: First we go down in a straight line, then up in a straight line...
That stupid market...
Crypto hasn't been very friendly to traders lately.
Depends what strat and timeframe I suppose.
In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.
The bounce was lower.

100 - (6630.10 * 100 / 7275.35) = 8.86%
MrRenev arandon
6630.1*1.0886 = 7217.5
arandon MrRenev
@MrRenev, ah, my apologies, my formula is wrong.
this is insane, straight down...i wonder where to hold it
Thanks for the update mate.

Do you think the next lower high we get (7.7k) would be a good time to sell for a longterm holder? I know you cannot tell but what would you do if you were me? (I bought back in September)
I am learning trading and TA, recently decided to protect my capital so I sold at 11k, bought back at 8.5k but holding since then... I was just hoping for 9.5k or 10k to sell but that never happened...
MrRenev BitPersia
@hamidikia.ali, What's your plan? Why would you sell now?
Afaik investors look at MA50 ema's etc and get out when these levels are lost. It happened already, so you're a super long term investor, holding for year sis the plan?
Never sell then just see what happens.
Depends what your plan is...
The only Moving average left would be the MA50 weekly, which I think is at 6600 now?
If you wanted to hold for years just buy more if it goes down. If your plan was such you would not have poured alot of money in.

And if you have no idea what you're doing and have no plan... Just sell wherever we are and go learn how things work and design and decide of your strategy...
+1 Reply
BitPersia MrRenev
@MrRenev, Trying to buy back cheaper maybe? No I don't want to sell and then see what happens, that's why I posted here.
To be honest with you I didn't have any plans before but right now my first plan is to cash out some cuz I really need it (wanted to do so and was waiting for 9.5k but never happened ... ) and second is to protect the USD value of my portfolio and gain more btc on the way down...
MrRenev BitPersia
@hamidikia.ali, Don't know where it goes next from here, it's only ifs. Why as a trader I'd rather wait it out in cash with buy orders the lower it goes and ready to sell and open short positions if we go up.
Well damn if you need it sell what you need then. Your BTC won't help if you starve to death.
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BitPersia MrRenev
@MrRenev, Haha exactly... You won't believe that I just recently discovered what is shorting and I did it and it helped a lot! The thing is when you waited so long from September and now have to sell it, you fear that "FOMO" gets you once this thing moves... cuz when it moves it would be huge. This was a very strong physiological barrier for me and now I am really not that uncomfortable selling cuz I know how to short and long and margin. Of course I know that I should not do huge margins but the fact that you know you don't need a lot of capital to play is good. The time that you realize that knowledge and risk management makes you the most money not hoping and listening to some stupid bitcoin nerds. lol
BitPersia MrRenev
@MrRenev, I am learning TA and working on my strategy really. I am not saying I am smart but I had no background in finance and now I know a little bit at least. The thing is since 15k I really wanted to sell but I was involved with bitcoin maximalists world and believing in blockchain, etc... now I still believe in it but I also found that trading wisely is much better than holding and hoping for something to happen. I am surely going to keep most of my crypto and try to gain more btc , on the next bull run I am not going to watch ... I am going to sell and enjoy my life .
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