#bitcoin MACD to confirm nearest to low like last time maybe

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Construction: Only used signal line in Histogram format. The last time confirmed low was shortly after price hit bottom the signal line dropped into the box (light blue) which is the gap between the last lower low in the signal line. Note that I've picked lower lows in the signal line which did not return above zero in between

NOTE: The low in this example of $166.5 was later beaten by $162 set 18 August of same year.

Comment: This is an update of my Santa Rally post. This black box signal idea is better than the yellow box signal above because it has demonstrated no whipsaw this year. Will it continue to work. Not Advice. DYOR. This black box signal could be critical because its looking like next leg could be down. Hopefully more signals will come in before then.
Comment: Here is a picture with consecutive fractal lows added in. Will have to see how day ends because at the moment looks like my charts could end up with a black and yellow box combo on same days. Has not done that in 2018. With black box there has been no whipsaw in 2018 whereas with the yellow box there has (OK if only happens once per signal). Given that these signals have made a fortune in 2018 how reliable will they be again (as a combo maybe).