$BTC Hit Bearish Order Block median--- twice. (SMT)

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***If you don't know Smart Money Technique Vocabulary, this may confuse you as we believe all charts in all markets are controlled by an algorithm, don't believe me? Pay attention to Inner Circle Trader. As his student, I've learned everything I know through him And he's so spot on***

It seems that bitcoin has made. Decent Run and no one can explain it. Well for one, It spent way too much time in the discount portion of the monthly fair value gap. And two it was nearig the end of the month and for the algorithm to work on it to keep going higher we needed to create a bullish order block on the monthly. That didn't happen but the bullish Order Block on the Weekly looks great. Yesterday before the end of the week, the orice dropped to hit the order block which propelled it into today to hit the median of the bearish order block, and that's why it stopped where it stopped ( Bearish order block = last up candle before down candle closing below the up candle, measure that (weekly) in half and thats the median Bearish order block, right where BTC stopped)
(Too Much time in the Discount portion of the Monthly FVG Chart)
(Half the Order Block Stopping the momentum - Weekly)

However if we don't get. quick fall like we have been getting when the price hits a bearish order block, but instead it has hit the mediann twice, I believe we're looking at price breaking that median barrier. It will probably zig zag for a minute to confuse people, (people will start chasing a buy, then it may sell off a bit, then they start chasing that) Watch for the lin of the very last bearish order block (4 hour 1 hour 15 min) If it appraches that it will get rejected but it could continue moving up trying to take out the liquidity above tht most recent swing high. That is what I personally believe it is going to do.
4 hour: $51,050
1 hour: $52,515

Above the most recent high lies all the liquidity where evereones buy stops, or sell limits are at, price wnts to get there if it continues to push up. I don't see anything in the form of liquidity on the way down.

Mybe we'll get as high as the last weekly beariish order blocks median which is 59136
this is all Smart Money Technique, The best way to describe smart Money technique is to think about how you would normally trade, now think about the guy that has 1000000x more money than you knows you would trade, the chart is going with the guy that has 100000000x more money than you.

Thanks for reading, Hope this made sense COINBASE:BTCUSD
Trade active: Well now, it decided to smash all of my Bearish Order Block Objectives except the last one of course (59k). And cleared the Liquidity I was seeking the price to aim to, above the most recent high. Not only that we went higher to 55,555. Along the way, there was an order Bearish Order Block at 55175 that I believe put a halt on the charge. But What do we have next? Well, it may need to retrace to rebalance since it jumped roughly 10.5% in only a few hours. However, there is still a small fair value gap, found in the 1-hour chart (between 56056 and 55688) just above the current high with a possible breaker as the price would enter that gap. This could slow it down But ultimately there is more liquidity above 58K from the swing high that it could be seeking. From a 4 hour standpoint, the Fair value gGap is almost identical (between 55688 and 56010). I believe it will fill this gap before knowing what our next move is.

Fair Value Gap on Left Side Of Chart (4 hour): Fair Value Gap on Left Side Of Chart (1 hour): Overview:
Comment: Just as I thought it would touch the fir value gap before finally making a reversal move. Now, it came back down and hit the median Bullish order block on the 15 min, was rejected by the bearish order block ... but it wil get back above the bearish order block. Redeliver - Rebalance is all you need to know as to why it will get back above the bearish order block.
Comment: It's all in the algorithm. And this algorithm has been good to my futures pocketbook.
Comment: 1 day later
Take. look t the high now, exactly at the 4 hour breaker on the left hand side of the chart.
It has fallen back into the median of the 15 mind fair value gap (fair value gap is the gape left opn between wicks in a three candle succession, here we re referring to the candle that happened at 8 am tht has a vertical purple dashed line, the wicks on either side leave a gap open almost as a liquidity void) Price has fallen back to halfway through to that gap, also known as Consequential Encroachment. Now, I See an area the price will go to as mentioned before and it has to do with with the wick rebalancing prior to the fall. After it reaches that area, I would expect it to completely fill the 4 hour fair value gap which is in the green box above.
Comment: Look for it to break the equal highs at 54,738, possibly bounc back at the bearish order block at 55,100. The I would suspect it's going to be on top of a breaker of some sort as it moves down, the breaker will then push the price up.