Cheers to a spot-on call! Traking the prey like a TIGER!!

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Hello Fellow traders,

Here to an other very simplistic yet very efficient BTC analysis.

I posted an idea yesterday telling you we where approching a major resistance point. Well the time has come and BTC has now confirmed this resistance by surprisingly and accuratly bouncing on our predicted key point. We now eye the prey with focus and patience. It might consolidate around this area or it might break down and test the green trendline. Either news is good. We adapt has hunters.

Bollinger Bands are still very much open + trading under SMA200 + Volumes give us strong downward momentum to breakdown this resitance.

I will keep posting analysis to keep track of the prey. Either way it goes my sniper is loaded.


Your beloved,