Bitcoin (BTC) • Time to short 40k?

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
There is strong going demand. Intraday Volumes at lows are looking great and the Daily seems to picking up a nice steady grind.

37k is a nice bidding area in case of retest of lows to create a bear trap. Remember that this is also a probability.

Futures also showing some ongoing strength and Swaps trading bellow spot which implies strong demand coming from spot (or degens shorting and getting rekt in the process).

Check the video for more details.

I'm trying to get these videos max around 7m. I failed again. 🕯

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Very nice explanation and updates. Good job, keep it up!
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@PolarHusk thanks 🤝
Another great post D7R, always appreciate you taking time for us to be able to try and soak up your articulate and informative knowledge, always a pleasure, thanks again!!👍🤘
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D7R kryptikkryptokeeper
@kryptikkryptokeeper, much appreciated feedback Sir 🤝
You really are informative and on point CHEERS a real fan here. What is the status of eth though still the same as the last viede ?
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D7R em.rexhepi
@em.rexhepi, Thank you sir 🤝. Eth structure is still pretty much in 'neutral' waters. I'm feel bearish but it I think it still come revisit lows but atm as m writing this it feels eth want to test highs. I just don't trust it much because there is weakness in volumes and price action seem a bit inconsistent. Bitcoin atm is in control of the market.
I see a bearish divergence on the hourly RSI and MACD, which you didn't mention. What are your thoughts on that?
D7R namaurer
@namaurer, at that time of this video was recorded there was no bearish div yet. but its I explained in video a retrace into 37k is absolutely normal. That zone seems like good Risk/Reward entry level. Any correction move after these pump to 40k is only natural to see it dump to scare bulls.