Another GAP in the BTC CME Futures

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BTC broke above the strong 8.5k resistance, forming another gap in the CME BTC futures . Next target we should set our eyes on is the 9k big figure. If the 9k big figure is broken, we will set our eyes on 9.5k and 10k resistance. It is highly unlikely that we will break above 10k and we should see a major correction by then, filling up the 2 gaps created.

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$10.000 incoming; similar to yours

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MichielVan_Kets MichielVan_Kets
@MichielVan Kets, basically what I was saying there; i think it's ready to drop, but then again, it still has a little bit of margin left to go up, so maybe it does reach $10k, but all that really means then is an even lower drop ... and I'm sticking with it !
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DeCryptoKnights MichielVan_Kets
@MichielVan Kets, yup, completely agree, I feel it will hit a stonewall 10k resistance before we see a strong correction. 5k is the max I think btc might fall, I do not see a 3k bottom being hit again.
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MichielVan_Kets DeCryptoKnights
@DeCryptoKnights, yeah, I have no problem with $3.2k being the bottom, but I'm not fomo buying until we've seen a proper correction ... I got time ... I've been here since 2013 ;-)
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