To reach $5755 resistance previous support eg. see 2014-15 chart

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See comparison chart, 2014-15. In both charts I've done my Fibs from the month the Histogram in my custom MACD (6,12,close,31) went red. In 2014-15 there were two options from which to do the Fibs, and I chose the latter.
Comment: Some more interesting analysis which I think is self-explanatory
Comment: I think $5,755 as a target could be too low now. Going to go higher with this chart below, and got another one below that using signal line (white verticals) and MACD line (yellow verticals) Base of bar with yellow line is resistance point when price retrace (custom MACD 6,13,close, 31) NOT ADVICE DYOR
Comment: Chart above got messed up. One got duplicated and the other that was supposed be on top missing. Will have to post it later
Comment: Here it is
Comment: Copies from my latest post NOT ADVICE DYOR
Weekly MACD custom (6,13,close,31) did my Fibs from when Histogram turns red Blue MACD line creates interesting levels of support when turns up from bottom. Comparison with two examples 2014 - 2015 suggests this is a 4-5 week run counting from the Parabolic SAR dots below candlesticks maybe. Will it repeat NOT ADVICE DYOR
Comment: Latest post Bitcoin price pattern should we be concerned
All details on charts. NOT ADVICE. DYOR.