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Hey guys,

pretty simple, just follow my updates for all the moves I will be forecasting but basically, we expect a consolidation before any upside moves. Plan A is a bearish move since this could be a correction.

Check my last BTC analysis in Linked Related Ideas. We pounded that one :)

Comment: Possible Running Flat structure, looking for this moves!
Comment: Looking for these moves, likely a sharp drop; however, if it consolidates then we look for a bullish impulse.
Comment: We were forecasting right, it moved sideways and we have a bullish impulse; however, it was not so strong, we can still expect a drop (orange arrow) but if it consolidates we will have another bullish move (grey arrows)
Comment: Possible moves for the next weeks.
Comment: So now expecting a bigger degree correction so we look for sharper impulses to the upside and in case of a change of structure then we will study the different moves.
Comment: So it seems we are still going sharp to the upside, we would look for corrections inside the actual trend. Later on we would study a bigger degree correction!
Comment: So look for a big flat abc correction and look for higher prices!
Comment: Looking for a correction in this area and then look for $9k as a target.
Comment: As you see we have the correction forming nicely in the range we drew. Look for entering around this range towards to 9k. There is still a chance the structure could change to the downside so trade with care.
Comment: Told you! We got the move there and Target 1 achieved, now look for smaller corrections towards to 9.3k.
Comment: So here we have a buy set up! Looking for 9.3k!
Comment: Small correction still but it is taking longer to finish. Watch the orange level range, if we get out there to the downside then we will look for a bigger correction in the asset. Still looking for upside but be aware of structure change. Manage risk!
Comment: Huge rejection! Our move went half way and we may have finally a bigger degree correction. Waiting on the set up before doing any new trades. Wait on updates!
Comment: Was expecting a consolidation but it looks like we may get a flat abc correction, let me show you the moves I expect. Not planing a trade yet, remember we need a set up first, and definitely not interested in shorts.
Comment: So first move done, now waiting for braking the low and form the abc flat. It could change structure and go to the upside very sharp but I think it will brake the low first before heading to 9.3k. Still haven't planned trades, waiting on the flat formation. Trade with care and manage risk!
Comment: As I said, going towards the low, however the correction could be done already. Watch closely for 7.9k and then looking for a buy set up.
Comment: As I told you, we broke the low. Now it is perfect time to find a set up. Look for strong rejections which leave an uptrend correction. Still waiting for final confirmations to the trade, don't jump in yet.
Comment: Expecting these moves now!
Comment: Simply perfect! Both grey arrows.
Comment: So now after reaching 9.3k target we will expect a bigger correction and then next target will be 10k! Will be posting updates.
Comment: So we may have a running flat now and looking for more moves to the upside; however, check red arrows that could happen too and we get a bigger correction before we head back up. As you see not expecting anything but bullish moves to 10k.
Comment: Again, prediction was right!
Comment: After a very successful prediction of this bullish move now we are looking for new corrections. We have had an important rejection now so will see if we get a consolidation. There is a big chance this will continue going up from here but we need a set up to enter trades. Will keep you updated.
Comment: So it seems we have a running flat. We either go to the upside from there or we would expect braking the low before going to the upside. Chances are 50-50%. I would wait for braking the low for a buy trade. We have been successful with past predictions so do not be greedy :) Wait for perfect set ups!
Comment: So e got it right! Now wait for more corrections to head to the upside.
Comment: So we got it right again! We did not have much of a correction but we hit targets!
Comment: So now wait for a flat formation and then we will target 12.9k and 13.6k. Manage risk, trade with care.
Comment: Target reached! all the way, now will wait for new set ups!
Comment: So it seems we are having a bigger degree correction. Let's hope we get a proper flat retracing to 11.4k and then we will target 15.6k and 17.8k. Trade with care
Comment: So we had much more of a drop but we still looking it as a correction of the uptrend impulse. Plan A is we get an ABC flat formation like I drew in grey; however there is a chance it could consolidate and brake the low. We do not have a set up yet, let's wait for the flat before we can confirm more upside towards to 15.6k and 17.8k.
Comment: So now we have these options. There is a small chance it will break all tops however we still take it as an ABC flat correction before reaching higher targets.
Comment: So we broke the low forming the flat correction. Now we are looking for rejections and smaller degree corrections which will give us a buy set up! If you manage Coinbase or buying coins at the exchanges then this would be a good entry for the long term.
Comment: So we have a rejection! Now wait for the buy set up, a small degree consolidation. Wait for it for a trade. If you bought yesterday on Coinbase or coins in an exchange then you are in profits :) hold it to the long term.
Comment: So we have now a buy set up! It will likely start from here towards to 13.8k and look for the extensions 15.6k and 17.8k. There is a small chance it could brake the low again at 10k, that will be your risk level. Either way we are looking for upside from this correction.
Comment: So we are braking out of the correction. Look for buy set ups and target to the upside. Do not trade without a set up since structure can always change.
Comment: Told ya! Keep on looking for these set ups towards the upside targets we talked about in prior updates.
Comment: So it looks like a change of structure. Expect a bigger degree flat ABC and there is a small chance it could start heading to the upside from there.
Comment: So we got it right! Now wait for the price to hit the low at 9.6k and start looking reversals and buy set ups. We have a perfect flat ABC structure about to end! Will post update once there is a set up. If you manage coins at an exchange then buy now if you want and hold the coins.
Comment: What a nice flat we have now! Perfect structure made. Still waiting on buy set ups for trades. If you buy coins then go ahead, we may not have another correction like this after reaching 20k.
Comment: We got out of the structure and we are looking now for a consolidation to indicate upside. There is a small chance we could brake the low at 9k; however, our A Plan is starting to look for a new bullish impulse towards 15.6k and 17.8k.
Comment: So we got a bit of a corrective structure, more of a pullback. So we will wait for a final confirmation right outside of the structure as you see with the grey arrows. Remember it could hit the low at 9k. Orange represent what it would do for that to start happening, corrections to the downside. Still waiting on final confirmations.
Comment: So Bitcoin followed orange path! Downtrend consolidation and it made an impulse. Now we are targeting the low at 9k but carefully watching since in the higher timeframe we are finishing up an uptrend correction which will take us at the end to the targets shared, 15.6k and 17.8k. All sells are short term, manage risk and trade with care Traders!
Comment: So guys! Grey arrows. We have a rejection and out of the structure we have a consolidation. You can start looking for upside towards 11.1k by now. Trade with care
Comment: So structure changed and we are now looking for 9.5k and then 9k. It could reverse but it will likely hit the lows I mentioned.
Comment: We had an ABC correction and then down as expected! Now we are getting closer to the target, 9k. After that our analysis should looking for strong reversals since we are about to end the higher timeframe correction that will send us to uptrend targets 15.6k and 17.8k. Trade with care, manage risk always.
Comment: So this is what we are expecting in the higher timeframe so you have an idea!
Comment: So we got out with an impulse! Now look for buy set ups to plan trades, wait for a consolidation like grey arrows show :)
Comment: Still looking for consolidations to keep going to the upside; however, there is a small chance we may have formed an ABC correction and head down to the low, just be aware of it and manage risk accordingly. Hopefully we keep going the path we analysed as plan A and reach the 15.6k and 17.8k targets.
Comment: So as expected Bitcoin went up and was forming buy set ups along the way. Keep on looking for uptrend consolidations and uptrend targets! Chances to change structure are lower, however, always manage risk and trade with care!
Comment: After strong impulses we may have finally found an area to find a consolidation! Look for that set up and look for upside!
Comment: It seems we may get a flat ABC correction and then go. Watch for these moves!
Comment: Continue to look for the set up. Expect testing the low and then go up with the new impulse!
Comment: So as expected we hit the low. Now any moves to the downside are short term moves. We are expecting the breakout to the upside soon! Trade with care, manage risk!!
Comment: So we continued through orange path! You may expect some more moves inside the structure; however, the main goal is to brake out of it. Will keep you updated once it happens unless structure changes.
Comment: The way is dropping makes us think of a structural change! So now we will take the downside as Plan A all the way to the low. Remember we can still expect the brake out (orange arrow) and we have to be ready for it if it happens. Will keep you all posted!
Comment: So we got a change of structure! Sometimes we can be wrong and it is important to understand the structure and its new direction. Now we are expecting to hit the low of the structure at 9.1k and will look for new reversals there for the big move to 15.6k and 17.8k.
Comment: Now we have a sell set up! Look for shorts to 9k but remember they are short term. In the longer term we expect Bitcoin to brake to the upside in the next months.
Comment: So we continue to head towards to 9.1k after a great sell set up. After hitting the low we will continue on planing reversals to the upside.
Comment: Here in the Daily timeframe. Just to remind you what are the moves we are expecting in the bigger picture!
Comment: perfect sell set up! Hopefully from here we will have the last downside move and then we will start studying reversals to the upside after hitting the low at 9.1k.
Comment: So now we have a rejection, look for a consolidation and then we will look for upside. Only that sequence to confirm new trend. Trade with care!
Comment: Seems like we are starting a consolidation, look for it to complete as the orange drawing and then that is your buy set up! Trade with care!
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