Bitcoin Trade Signals Review 15M Since 2019 July to 2019 Oct 25


Timeframes on Ribbons: 15m -> 12H

Indicator: 9 Seasons Rainbow Multi TimeFrames Pattern

This Tutorial Idea Indicates some important trading signals of Bitcoin given by the indicator since 2019 July to 2019 Oct 25, in order to help users of the indicator learn how to identify opportunities.

Signals Pattern
Trigger in Short Term: Ribbon 1 - Ribbon 3/4
Context: Ribbon 3/4 - Ribbon 12, which is the most outstanding ribbons with priority: Yellow-Blue, Lime-Purple, Red - Green, else.

Some Typical Trigger Signals :
Yellow -> Lime: Breakout
Blue -> Green: Reverse
Purple -> Blue: Fading Breakout downward
Light Green / Red -> Green
Blue -> Purple: Breakout downward
Yellow -> Red: Reverse
Lime -> Yellow: Fading Breakout
Light Red / Green -> Red

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