Bitcoin is loosing poke

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
as i said in my last posts- and if you look they were near enough spot on

the twitter idiots , some of them being hedge fund and investment guru's are wrong again

lets be clear- BITCOIN ROSE TO 20K because of the futures news last november, outsiders, came in and with whales drove it up to ATH then sold and kept shorting for 6 months while the " believers" kept buying waiting for a bull run. these same people shorted, let the twitter idiots take it up then shorted , repeat.

the only way BTC will rise is if these same whales decide to do it again. ETF , or other news wont drive it,

heres a warning , people on twitter posting motivation quotes and having " investment manager" or eco of various investment companies know just as much as you about this.

is bitcoin finished? no- its just going back to how it was before the experianced traders ( proberbly not on twitter ) saw a pot of gold on an unregulated market to manipulate, same with gold when futures was announced , same people, same tactic , same result

Comment: 2k by February