McAfee is Right and here is why!!! BTC ATH May 2020 is coming.

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This is simply beautiful! You can support this with many patterns too.. ( 3 drive /triangles)


This is for those saying "how could McAfee make such stupid predictions" - Study the chart folks... He has probably been looking at the pitchfork analysis and volume alone. Again many ways to draw this better than what i did here. I can see how he is making his claims and although TA can support these things it doesn't mean price action will follow.

The stock market analysis shows it tanking in May 2020 as well hence why i believe this is real! I will post about this soon. Please comment below and post any ideas/analysis that supports or rejects! Would like to hear your thoughts...

Also could play out completely opposite if somehow the world saves us from a fiat market crash... ;)
Trade active: Also check out these curves on the price i didn't have (all of them) in the original post..


Although we deep down in our hearts want to see that beautiful day, it appears to be not logical yet. But, btc has shown capable to smash the impossibles!
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@SajjadSaberi, Yeah i think all the "planning" that went into this originally assumed FIAT will die in this "event". Only time will tell! :) (Or it becomes the next "stock market" if US markets are unrecoverable..)