BTC: Potential to See $71300 or Higher Before Block Halving

WyckoffMode Updated   
Hi Everyone! This analysis focuses only on the 2-Week time frame. In particular, we are focused on the Level of the Red and Blue Lines within Phoenix Ascending indicator (By: WyckoffMode) and Bad Ass B-Bands (By: WyckoffMode).

Two Important Historical Facts about the indicators in the 2-Week time frame:

Historical Fact #1: BLUE TEXT BUBBLE
Every time "both" Red and Blue Lines rise above Aqua Level 90, we
tend to see the price action push up to proximity of the Red Upper
B-Band in this 2-Week time frame. Red Upper B-Band currently at
$71,358 at this writing.

Historical Fact #2: RED TEXT BUBBLE
Every time in history in which the Red Line is above Aqua Level 90;
we can see the Aqua Upper B-Band hold as support on a pullback.
However, there are times the price may fall further. In which case,
the White Upper B-Band will generally hold as support during our
Macro Bull Trend.

The Aqua Upper B-Band is currently sitting at $51,940 at this writing
and the White Upper B-Band is currently sitting at $45,925. But also
keep in mind the "Upper" B-Bands are currently "rising." I'm pointing
out the Upper B-Bands are currently rising because if we were to see
a pullback soon, it may not be the current 2-Week candle but could
potentially pull back the "next" 2-Week candle. Well, the price of
the White Upper and Aqua Upper B-Bands the "next" 2-Week candle
will be "higher" than what they are currently.

The price of the Aqua Upper B-Band the next 2-Week candle may be
around $57,000 and the price of the White Upper B-Band the next
2-Week candle may be around $49,900.

I hope this video publication on the 2-Week time frame has been helpful.

Happy Trading and Stay Awesome!


If you're curious where we are on my Wyckoff Method 2.0 Macro Accumulation Schematic; we are currently working on Sign of Strength event #2 in Phase E. We can have many Sign of Strength events in Phase E of Accumulation. Just as we can have many Sign of Weakness events in Phase E of Distribution in Wyckoff Method 2.0.

The next chart is the chart I will be using once we finally get a 3-Day "close" above $73,000. The Fibonacci Tool used in this chart is "Based on Log Scale." The Fibs in the previous chart were NOT based on log scale. But this one is...

Just to clarify... When I said, High probability to go up to the Red Upper B-Band, I would prefer to imply within PROXIMITY of the Red Upper B-Band. Which is to say it "could" be close but not quite to the Red Upper B-Band. I identified a few places in which we were in PROXIMITY but did not HIT the Red Upper B-Band in the 2-Week chart below:

We have a chance to continue upward toward the Aqua Ascending Diagonal Line in proximity to $74,265. Will discuss in more detail after we get a new Daily candle approximately 4 hours from this writing.