Bitcoin: Look Left - Structure Leaves Clues?

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
As with all my posts, please know that this is very likely going to be completely wrong.

A buddy of mine wants to quit his job and trade crypto... and none of you care about that
so to make a boring story short, it reminded me of a bit of advice I once heard...

Look left - Structure leaves clues.

Whether or not I am right or if the advice is crap, I don't care. I wanted to simply
document my idea and see what time tells. That being said, I literally took the
fractal from the top to the current bottom and flipped it. I set it to HL/2 for no
special reason and stuck it on the chart. I would imagine someone may have done
this already, but if not, then here you go... Now it almost looks like all my trendlines
magically tell a story, but please know that if you draw enough lines on your chart
the price will eventually hit one of them.


I do not guarantee anything in this chart because honestly, this is just a
random idea pulled outta my a$$ (where most good ideas come from).

The price could easily ignore my chart completely just to confirm my stupidity.
I am a noob trader, I accept this. You should too.

To repeat, I am not a professional trader (I don't even play one on TV).
I do get quite lucky sometimes, maybe this is one of those times.

I will gladly accept any criticism, comments, or critiques. I'm still trying to learn.
Be nice. Be mean. I don't care, just be something.