BTC near-term Outlook: likely another Leg down, but some Hopium

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Near term structure says we are in a key zone around 36k .
Red: in a "wave 4 of 5", with wave 5 target of 33.5k or so.
Green: "ABC" wave is done, with "wave 3" pump incoming.

IF Green path, we need a VIOLENT leg up right now.
Break of 37,489 would go towards bullish scenarios.
Break of 40 ,415 would go towards "bottom is in".

Alas, the Red path seems more likely:
35k is key support, psych numb plus strong fibs.
33.4-33.7 seems the likely target for next leg.
32.5-32.7 strongest support nearby, MUST hold.


My last near-term call for a bounce:
My bigger picture levels of interest:
Comment: Target Acquired

Just skimmed off top of target zone
Zoom IN (1 min) for a closer look Not much to get excited about yet.
Bounce did pierce the fib top bound, not a great sign.
Would have preferred clean Ping on the red 8.618.


Comment: Nice Bounce

We got nice 7+ % bounce and now pulling back That would be if entry was on top bound of support.
I like to ladder my bids throughout the zone,
thicker near the top and bottom boundaries.


Now we are at a CRITICAL juncture.
What happens in this pullback could paint a bottom, or more doom.

So I posted a new Idea with a Red pill and Green pill again:

Comment: OOOPS. Wrong link above.


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