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⚡️Real short and simple, Bitcoin found that support at the support mark which we've had for a while now so that helps with confirming support at $18,600 basically which was found twice with us even being pulled up from the first fall as if a line had been thrown down to us yanking us back up. From there we deal with that sideways trading and all before confirming support once again and flowed up from there after once we met that 200 EMA .

⚡️Here's the one minute chart which basically shows all.

⚡️Then here's the three minute.

⚡️You see how pivotal that 200
EMA is and just what it does for us price wise each and every single time we come into contact or lose it. The direction can make all the difference and that's mainly why I usually suggest using those EMA's as a good indicator of what's to come, especially throughout the longer time frames.

⚡️For now keep an eye as we approach that $19,550 resistance and whether or not we break or fail that upcoming test. And watch those EMA bands as usual. Can always come back and press play on this post and simply see what happened or is going on and that can help you with what could possibly play in next. Even with all these falls and hits, we still keep finding support and seem to be within this liquidity channel with these big orders having a big impact on both ends of the spectrum pushing us up and down. What happens next is to be decided but in the least we can learn from each and every single move and get a good idea of what's going on.

⚡️Leaving the idea here for now so I can catch some rest but if you'd like to leave a like or follow it'd be much appreciated of course! None of this is financial advice and just a simply Rock's take on the market and how price action is and plays out from time to time. Doing what I can, and only improving with each and every single day.

~ Rock '[/b]


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