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I'm here to rediscuss the idea about the Grandfather paradox,but a little different from it.
On the first chart,you see Mr Evil Bitcoin .Alone. While on the second chart, you can also see his twin; Mr Good Bitcoin after him. They took this picture in 2017,and that's when we last saw them together. He had his ups and (rarely)downs through the year of 2017.
However, his twin is crazy about time travelling. He just warps in time, does the exact same stuff all over again, and when he is done-his good twin follows and tries to clean the mess Mr Evil Bitcoin has done. ALL THE TIME.

As you can see, the Evil twin was here since around december, but are you aware that he's too exhausted? The recent consolidation around 8k'ish shows that the Good twin is about to arrive to clean his twin's mess up, like he always did.

We're in a critical time-did you notice that even your favourite traders say they are confused and occasionally refuse to do short term trades? Yeah, I'm talking about those big guys who knew the exact points of supports and resistances since 20k. That's the first time they are confused. Because the market is confused.

Let's simplify this. The market doesn't have a switch with Bull and Bear buttons. Maybe thinking of it like a slow phone would help. Well,turning it off could be fast. But when you try to open it, it will take time to reset all the software and get it running. We might be that phone. Who isn't? We are completely off now(finally) which means we won't be volatile until someone turns us on, and somebody has to turn us on(literally). Once we have that push in maybe days,max for weeks time, we will slowly regain strength and recover.

Good twin is coming
Comment: To clarify:
On the second chart,the point we're assumed to be on is the beginning of the bulls in 2017-september which continued until 20k
Comment: The stages were always the same as it can be seen on the comparison, but their speed and strength vary. This last wave is still the same as old one(just a slower one),as the lows of those two waves look alike. If the charts continue to act in the same way,we will probably start the bull cycle today but it won't be clearly visible until it forms up. We'll know when the price starts increasing steadily. And here's a snapshot of those waves i'm talking about if you're not convinced enough:
Order cancelled: Please check this more recent one-for the sober version of the idea: