I think Bitfinex longs will touch purple ring before crashing!

I mapped out Bitfinex longs to coincide with my other chart with blue ring for a major move.. I think when longs reach the purple or white ring that's when the liquidation begins!


Longs are going up, up and up. They are up another 4.8% since you posted. Who are they? Certainly not the public/retail sector. Maybe the longs know something we don't? Are they planning an event that will take BTC price much higher?
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@BDG, i am at a loss as well.. maybe they do know something we dont. But i cannot see bitfinex paying out on all of the longs,, they have to get liquidated at some point.
BDG snookerer
@snookerer, I'm thinking the whales are going to run the price up to 7.5k or even 7.8k and keep it there for a few days as a bull trap, then sell their longs and short it all the way down to 6.5k or even lower. They need to entice a few more bulls in with a rebound before falling further. We were at 7.8k only 2 weeks ago. If the price keeps dropping from where we are at now, 7.2k, it will turn everyone bearish and everyone will just short or sell. The whales need to sow some more hopium in order to maximize their profits. Just my thoughts. We should know by Monday.
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Throwing some ema and sma on the base chart would have given you a better signal
you have been wrong every single time you chart longs .. just saying
snookerer insanecharge
@insanecharge, i was wrong about the ring we topped out at. but you can clearly see we topped out at a ring i already had placed and it was to the tick.
insanecharge snookerer
@snookerer, .... your a fraud . I got screens from a month ago of you posting 3 different times the tops of longs you never got it right. To say you just got it now to a tick is and a joke.
absolutely insane amount of long!
I'm hoping it's just manipulation at this point. Their liquidation points will be around 5200-5400 if they stay in. I'm assuming they're using the max leverage too