update to radar from prior post

Watching the bitcoin shorts unload, a few things are on my mind.

first some preliminary recent events that are significant to what i am trading / accumulating.
1. Rallying DXY , crude above $70
2. sell off of hedge assets and commodities ( gold , silver , crypto, lumber soy corn etc.)
3. the china fud to rule all fud: 90% mining gone leaves 10%. ok well if only 10%, you need now 5.1% to make a 51% attack realized. i'm still uncertain about the ins and outs of this, but perfect timing during seller capitulation for the macro.
4. bear narrative is running flat with tether minting. LOL.
5. Jay clayton is now gathering alot of chinese collusion to his term narrative (already being controversial) at the SEC. there are many pointing the finger at fauci, and pelosi, now this guy, as easy optics for all of your problems.
6. LINK is now onboard to facilitate SWIFT financial system. this could lead me to believe that LINK is now iso20022 compliant and is helping to facilitate the switch over from traditional financial systems.
7. they haven't stopped printing.

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Trade closed: target reached: the shorts have reached the last previous local high that brough up the concern.

i am forwarding all analysis from this type of watchlist to whatever outcome happens as a result of the recent stockpile of shorts. there could be potential options expiry battle going on, and it has been at a stalemate for 3 consecutive bottoms on some of the alt pairs that i am watching.

bears are wanting 19k, i remain hopeful for above 26k levels if we do see a deep retrace.