Bitcoin - Cheat sheet (road to 3k, levels)

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  • Everyone will call you a cheater for these levels because you can very well predict massive short-term bounces! I will never give you a zone. I will give you levels that are exact to the dollar! 
  • You can use these levels if you are a swing or intra-day trader, but also if you are an investor and you want to buy Bitcoin cheap. These levels are for everyone!
  • I expect a massive bounce from 10254 USD. You can use this level for a 30% - 50% profit with a stop loss of 8700 USD. You can be sure that I will be a buyer at this level. I don't want to miss this opportunity.
  • The question is, how long do we have to wait for prices to reach these levels? It doesn't matter; it can be this year, next year, or even in a few years. The sooner the better because you probably do not want Bitcoin to be stuck in some range between 14k and 20k for another year, but it's possible.
  • I believe 6435 is very likely if bitcoin fails to hold the 0.618 FIB. A simple pattern for Bitcoin is: if BTC fails to hold the 10254 area, then 6435 is the next support. If BTC fails to hold the 6435 area, then 3516 is the next support. If Bitcoin fails to hold 3516, then we can see a huge capitulation wick below 3000 with strong buying activity from whales. If BTC fails to hold 3000, then sorry, you have been scammed, and maybe BSV is the real Bitcoin. But I don't want to speculate on this topic of BTC vs. BSV at this moment.
  • The previous all-time high, set in 2017, is now extremely powerful: 19798. We can go here in the short term before continuing in the dump. So do not fall for any fake pumps. The DXY index will go much higher after a correction.
  • Many stop-loss orders have been placed below the previous swing low: 9825. I believe the market is going to wipe out all orders below this level.
  • I wish you massive profits at these levels! I don't want to wish you good luck because trading is not about luck.

19798: 2017 ATH resistance (major)
12468: Start of the volume area high (VAH) + swing high (minor)
10254: 0.618 LOG Fibonacci retracement (major)
9343: Point of Control (POC) + GAP (major)
7293: GAP (minor)
6435: POC of the previous triangle + swing low (major)
5303: Volume profile node + triangle 4h POC (minor)
3782: POC of the previous triangle + swing low: (minor)
3156: Ultimate bottom of the impulse wave: (major)
I got some messages on Telegram about why I am expecting 3K. I am not saying we will go to 3k. This is an analysis with strong levels in case we go lower. I think the bottom will be between 6435 and 10254. You can use these levels for your trades because they're very useful.

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