warring...One of the worst downward patterns

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a question,
Imagine that
You are now the buyer of the bit.

Right now you are going to buy and you want to click
In this case, how much are you afraid of falling?

Now imagine you're a bit seller,
And right now you're going to sell
How scared were you of climbing?

Your fears will probably be the same in both cases.
Because we are exactly in the middle of the road and the risk is on the Richard
It is one by one.

Of course, the market is not always like this, and it is in the context of the global economy that international markets are like this.

We have already explained in the reposted post about the area where risk and overlap do not match.
And considering the explanations of the high volume deal, I do not recommend it at all.

I will try to have an explanation about the risk and recurrence situations tomorrow.

Although my opinion is the same as before and I consider these areas to be prohibited and risky for trade, but considering the cases