Straight From The Horse's Mouth... BTC Is Off To The Races!

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Here I am, sitting back with a cool bubbly, not a worry in the world.

My BTC trade is 3.2% in profit already, yet the current price is near where I started... How could that be? Maybe BTC will go up, maybe it won't, it's not me worry. I'm likely to make 6%, 7%, 8% or more on this trade regardless, but even if I'm off a bit... I'm 98% sure I'll walk away with a profit.

WHAT'S MY SECRET? I have a horse story you're going to love (read on)...

How do I do this? Meet Ol' Mr. Gridley...

Actually what I'm doing is pretty easy. But I get a little help... I just jump on Ol' Mr. Gridley here and I'm off to the races.

Mr. Gridley is likely NOT the type horse you're familiar with, he ZIGS he ZAGS... he never goes in a straight line. Sure, I pick the race track he runs on (and I have some handy indicators that help me do this) and I point him in the general direction, but once Mr. Gridley heads out of the gate, I just let him do his thing.

Now here's where this horse story gets interesting. BTC , ETH, LTC and quite frankly all the crypto coins out there... well guess what? They pay Mr. Gridley all along the way. He zigs down and buys a little, he zigs up and sells it right back. You know... BUY LOW, SELL HIGH. He's a pretty clever horse! It really adds up... in fact me, my friends and my followers usually make more money riding Ol' Mr. Gridley than betting the bank on a moon shot and sweating out the charts.

In fact, Ol' Mr. Gridley has been doing this so long, most the time I don't even ride him. That's right! I give him his favorite oats, maybe an apple , I point him in the general direction and he goes it alone. Mr. Gridley loves this... I mean, totin' me around all day and night ain't no joy ride! So I let Mr. Gridley run solo and he brings back the money - 100% automated - simple as that.

How long, how much?
Sometimes in a few hours, sometimes in a few days. Just last week he came back after 3 weeks with a 29.44% return! On another occasion, he brought back 9.66% in 14 days -AND- 9.66% in 14 days -AND- 26.98% in 7 days 14 hours -AND- 11.08% in 13 days 8 hours -AND- 18.3% in 3 days. Yada, yada... I'm happy to show you all my screenshots and proof. Just ask!

Now you're thinking...
How many people can ride Ol' Mr. Gridley? What if I want to race him on multiple crypto tracks at the same time. How might we do that?

Here's the good news, there's a whole herd of Gridley's out there: Pappa Gridley's, Momma Gridley's, Baby Gridley's, they're everywhere (if you know what you're looking for). Yes some are better than others, they don't all make money. Bummer huh? But you can learn how to pick a winner, it's easy... it all comes with a little training and the right tools. It's about knowing WHAT to look for, what to feed them, and how YOU can get "GRID SMART" yourself.

I'm here to teach you the ropes.
YES, you can do this! It's easy, safe, and fun. Plus you can HAVE A LIFE beyond watching charts.

My name is Dan Hollings, I'm a Master Grid Trader. I can teach you what I do and before long (maybe even tomorrow), you could have Ol' Mister Gridley working for you. Follow me, like this and share with others. Mr. Gridley will be very very happy!


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A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course Of Course!
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