Bitcoin and the endless game of magical $ 10K price area

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Hello friends let's take a look at my technical analysis and its findings:

RSI has stabilized again after impulsive movements and we are in a neutral business zone

The bulls have temporary support in the $ 9,500 area from which it is still reflected, if we lose it will be a test for $ 9,000

Strong resistance still remains at $ 10,000

High probability that BTC will move in the direction + - $ 500 the following days

Trading tips:
Most traders are convinced that BTC will go up in the medium to long term, so I would continue with a similar strategy as in the previous analysis

Average LONG orders – 1. around 9500$ , 2. 9000$, last 3. 8400$ SL 5% set only here
SHORT orders around 10 000$ with SL 5%


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