BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Yes guys BTC and the whole crypto market is moving upwards smoothly right now
Lots of coins closed above key levels on the daily, XLM , Link, Eth and BTC for example causing buyers to enter
BTC has hit the 3.618 fib retracement which was summoned from a recent breakout trade. Not much else to use to create levels of SR at these price discovery levels
If BTC can close above that fib level, or psychological 35K level on the daily it will continue to push up!
Lets hope, as the altcoins are going with it surprisingly
Couple trades brewing are REN and NANO
Want to get more VET and AAVE also but they are becoming increasingly overbought so am a little reluctant to get involved, especially as these usually drop when BTC rises!