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These are some of the most common terms you will hear around social media and often see them mentioned around trading related content. The best advice is to trade what you see in your chart, not the psychological noise of others

Fear of missing out is a common psychological event, especially when it comes to trading. You see prices go up and you feel guilty that you didnt enter on a trade and you missed that sweet 10-20% profit. The worst thing to do is be careless and enter a trade while the move has already happened. Trading is about patience and having a plan to execute. If you missed the move, you wait for the next one.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt, usually spread by people that have zero idea of what they are doing. Very common observation around trading communities where they grab a headline and make it as if the world is going to end and everything is going to zero. Classic example is the whale alerts where they see big numbers of USDT moving from wallet to wallet, saying "dumb is coming sell everything". It never comes. Trade the charts not what clueless people have to say about it.

Hold on for dear life, basically doubling down that you made a good trade and you should stick with it even if you know for a fact your entry was invalidated. If your plan is to day-trade and not "invest" into an asset, you should consider not hodling on losing trades. Depending how volatile that market you chose to trade is, you could hold into trades that can potentially wipe your whole account while copping with the fact that "it will get back to break even". Risk management is key, if you holding a losing trade which you invested more than 1-3% of your portfolio into it, you're already doing it wrong.

Price is actively increasing, the paradise of only up never down. A classic observation of moonboys and how they think price has only one direction. It doesn’t. This psychological state can be referred to as Euphoria and Greed. There is nothing going one direction so make sure you're a guard of your own mind and not let people like that influence what you actually see in the charts.

Wealthy investors who have enough shares of an asset to manipulate it. Basically people that bought early and cant wait for the next hype to dump their bags on new investors. Very common on the crypto world where people that bought before the hype happened, sell when the liquidity allows for it.

All time high, basically the price of that asset has reached the highest it has ever been. It can have a powerful psychological impact on market participants because it makes them optimistic and over confident. If you're buying an asset that just made an ATH you add liquidity to the early investors of that asset.

Best observation of this are people promoting sh*tcoins around social media just so they can run their pump and dump schemes on their followers. When you see a "crypto" account run "airdrops" and "we will tell you the next x10000 pump coin in 10 mins" they aren't trading and you're already participating on their schemes by giving them engagements to promote what they are doing. Stay away from anything related to that, it doesn't exist.

The classic investors that always gonna double down that for example Bitcoin will go to 300k this year and long every dump of the market. It's never good to be doubling down on which direction the market will go then constantly long all day over a certain period of time if you're actively day trading.

The opposite of bullish. They will tell you they will go long on Bitcoin once it gets back to 1k. Doubling down that the whole market will crash to that extend and shorting every pump. Trade the markets and what you see, having a bias such as this will likely get you rekt before you manage to see any major move to confirm your years long bearish take.


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