BITCOIN: Another opportunity for the bulls.

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Another opportunity for the bulls.
At the close of yesterday's daily candlestick (Saturday 7/24), the price closed above a downtrend line that has already prevented the price from rising 5 times.
In the long term, the price has not closed below 30k dollars, so it still does not renew the fund in the long term, which increases the chances of the bullrun to continue.
Due to this I decided to buy in the region of 34,300 1/3 (one third) of my capital reserved for crypto, the stop for this purchase is in the region of 31,800.
Comment: Current price: 38.300 📈
Comment: The daily candlestick did not close good for bulls, this candlestick could be a sign of the end of the pullback and continuation of the fall.
I will wait for new closings in 12 hours timeframe and daily timeframe to decide if I buy more bitcoin.
I also consider exiting the long-trade if the price goes back to the 35k region.

Comment: Discarding the possibility of the aforementioned reversal candlestick, I have now bought more bitcoin in the region of 40,100, now I am carrying a total of 2/3 (two thirds) of the total available to trade.

Comment: Analyzing the performance of Bitcoin and more than a date at the top of the resistance region 44,700, I decided to buy more 1/3 of bitcoins in the price region 45,945. Agora is 100% in crypto.
Respectively understand the same proportion that you have previously defined altcoins, details to follow:
Moeda Percentual Price
BTC 65.0% 45945
ETH 25.0% 3,174
BNB 5.0% 382.2
DOGE 2.5% 0.26263903
UNI 1.0% 29.56
LINK 1.0% 25.09
SHIB 0.5% 0.000000774
Comment: Bitcoin has just gone up and touched yet another fibo resistance in the $48,950 region.
I'm still bull.

Comment: Following Bitcoin's big drop, the price dropped almost 20% in 2 hours.
It is interesting for Bulls that the price remains above 47,800 at the close of the daily candlestick.
For now I'm keeping my long positions.

Comment: With the closing of today's daily candle below the support line (below 46,200) I decided to sell part of my long positions, details below:

BTC: I sold 1 third in the region of 46,223.
ETH: I sold 1 third in the region of 3482.5.
LINK: I sold 1 third in the region of 171.10.
BNB: Sold 2/3 in the region of 414.80.
DOGE: Sold 2/3 in the region of 0.24.
UNI: I sold all the balance in the region of 23.17.
SHIB: I sold every balance in the region of 0.000000658.


Any update plz?