Bitcoin wants to touch $ 10,000 before the halving

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Let's look at what technical analysis tells us:

We are currently trading in the 312-day consolidation phase, which means growth in the medium to long term,
Support - $ 8400 is the zone where we saw several reflections, then we can fall free to the limit of $ 7500 where is the second support,
Resistance - BTC had problems in the zone $ 9000 - $ 9150 here is the first test for bulls, the second is waiting for us in the area of $ 9500 and then there will be a magic limit of $ 10000 which has always had strong support for bears.

Trading tips:

Open long in area $ 8400$ - $ 8250$, next round $ 7500,

Open short in area $ 9000$ - $ 9150$, next round $ 9500, $10000,

Use SL according to your risk management.


here is what I have on btcusd from a MTA standpoint