BTC USD D1 - Daily trend - we must to pay attention

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS

First target aquired.
Here is my last post - BTC USDT Daily trend firt thought

It has another 2 small levels to break until the next target.

Sincerely, if it will hit the second target, it is possible that we'll touch 8500 - 8750 area.

After that, we must check continuously the volumes and all the news.
I feel that all the bullish news can cause soon a bull trap, to make people think that it will go "to the stars" now and to have a surprise with a big drop before another move.

It is one of the moments that we need to pay attention all around and to feel the moment when we need to be a CONTRARIAN.

We need to have a correction to that impulse to make it stronger. If we go all up, then a drop will be imminent.

Let's see how we make the moves in next period.

Cheers to all
Comment: With this news regarding #Bitcoin ETFs, it is a moment to be careful. Take care on your trades.

Also, it says that is a decision regarding Direxion's Bitcoin ETFs, no mention now for CBOEs (VanEck and SolidX). Check the news below:

SEC Delays Decision on Direxion's Bitcoin ETFs Until September - CoinDesk

Federal Register, Volume 83 Issue 142 (Tuesday, July 24, 2018)