Bitcoin is bearish, i will drop until Bull's Longs liquidation

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Bitcoin is bearish , I will drop until Bull's Longs liquidation
Trade active
Trade active: 🚨#Bitcoin, the pullback might happen but GLOBALLY we are still Bearish

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you are the best trader, you said ' I don't like this ' while Btc is 38-41k, and we in the 32k right now, thank you my money is safe
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@Btc_42_Btc, i totally agree. I also didnt invest or buy any major coins when BTC was 39k/41k. Thank you Yuriy.
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you are the best in btc you help me and many poor peoples like me thank you man
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Do you recomment to sell our spot crypto assets bro?
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Fredi43 danjelano
@danjelano, you only loose when you sell, if you trade future you can short the market
Best ever trading blogger! Thank you for your job! Well done!
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you just saved so many people...thanks never purchased at that time...
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nice thanks. i agree. waiting patiently with usdc. can post update on markets overall; will market crash or just heavy selloffs. can be good opportunity to invest and we can all retire year later from recovery, like covid crash, be greedy when they are fearful, i am prepared to be very greedy :)
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big thanks!
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Yes bull slaughter incoming
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