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Hey, Been a few days, i started a T-Shirt designing brand of all things. Obnoxiously Humorous T-Shirt and been doing that the last week or more while its been boring waiting for markets. Can find it by the same name on Facebook group & page.

Now, when the market pumps like this you might get more out of it over the weekend. But its a strong pump and a good point to take little profits off the table on those trades I recorded about last week or so ago on VETUSDT , DOTUSDT .

Take profits. Taking a profit is never a bad thing. A win is a win and you live to fight another day. If you die you can't fight at all. Any win is a good win.

SOL bounced amazing exactly as predicted. The evidence is in my prior vid.

Check ya next time. Be patient things will pick up into Christmas and after. Very surprised if it goes the other way.