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Hello everyone πŸ˜ƒ

Now BTC has reached the rejection zone one more time !
It's the 2nd attempt to break the daily EMA20 and the 5th attempt to break the resistance zone . ( Bearish trend zone )
Market is suggesting the confirmation for a breakout with recent candles;
But the volume is rejecting it.
Volume didn't moved according to the scale of mounted units.

So there should be a holding level here !
I'll set my target above the daily EMA20 to 42K level, ( Need to hold above $38,200 ).
As we are in current resistance zone ; You can think about SHORTs but it's not safe at all !
You have to set your SL above the master candle's shadow...

On other side, If current daily candle closed at ~$37300, I will think about the possible Order block to set the 16th June possible pivot line.

So you need to watch the levels till next day's open; Then you can have use the daily candle to recognize the most possible movement !

At the end I can suggest the 41K retest before the minor dive to ~27K level.
Above suggested levels, I will search for 49K or more if market confirms the structure for any leg up.
So you won't the market, Don't FOMO into it !
You will gain 10% more or less..
Don't risk your portfolio on edges.

πŸ“ Also for scalpers, I can suggest an entry around ~27.1K with SL below ~26.2K ( If market gives the chance for it )
πŸ’Ή For now, Only watching the daily level to close at ~37.3K and the hourly charts for a rejection or breakout above mentioned levels...

On USDT.D's chart :

We just have the rejection here, I'm scared that I made this analysis so late..
But it's kinda formed a H&S here !
So have to be very careful with that...

Have a great night and trades πŸ₯‚βœ¨
I will share another chart for BTC at 16th June !

Hope you enjoyed our analysis about BTC's possible directionsπŸ™Œ
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Attention: this isn't financial advice we are just trying to help people on their own vision.

Have a good day!

So Just missed the breakout here..
Now yet, Nothing changed still searching for a SHORT at ~42K.
Have to play it safe for now !
Everything mentioned on chart.
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This chart wil work very good in your dream only. Don't try to be smarter than the market
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vidsan90 arthurbudovsky
@arthurbudovsky, and the market ended up following the chart
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everybody wanna buy 20k btc like you and just sharing crash charts. but this does not work lol
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I agree πŸ‘
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nice chart thanks for sharing
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great analysis, good job
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Helical_Trades naziruabbaibrahim
@naziruabbaibrahim, Thanks my dear
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Nobody here knows for sure what will happen. Otherwise, they would not post their idea and would sell it to others as a service privately. So to put it plainly - if we push past 42K safely without any bull traps then we are on our way up, otherwise 30k-ish is again in play by mirroring the Jan 2021 shoulder height.
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Your idea seems to be pretty accurate
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