#BTC No.24 (is that a bull trap?)

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Hello everybody!

resistance ahead: 40700

It's better to talk about the recent situation on BTC!
Well, we had many signs for falling more deep on this coin, but the conference so called ( The B Word ) changed the direction!
Elon mentioned : (I have BTC , Spaceship has, Tesla has ) ! Ok, this is enough for an upward movement that I'd call it ( Bull Trap )
I'm just talking about technical analysis and I have to say that, technically BTC needs more deep to the levels 20k at least! in the other hand this is my opinion and could be totally wrong!

Bull Trap: means pumping a chart up for the last chance to exit of... ;)

Let's leave a comment below this chart to share our ideas for catching better results


same me as well, look in chart W. The price should be bearish around 16K - 22K and then the new bullish will come up. Like 2017, that how BTC work
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javanmeh tthienan1710
@tthienan1710, yep! it can reaches 16K and also more deeper but step by step :) because market is market and it can change the game each second!
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Great chart!
Thanks for sharing your great analysis to help people like me
100% agree i think is a bull trap .. now we will going down with all force
@hjnp, yup! i believe this approach!
exactly, this is my idea to
javanmeh BlessedBlasphemer
@BlessedBlasphemer, good to hear that
javanmeh BlackGhostNL
@BlackGhostNL, Thanks for sharing your idea