The key is whether it can break through 28745.63 with a surge

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(BTCUSDT 1D chart)
The trend line moves slightly, resulting in a period of volatility around November 26 (November 25-27).

Accordingly, the key is whether the price can rise above the first resistance range as the volatility period passes.

If not, you should check for support around the HA-High indicator point of 36376.36.

In any case, it is expected that a trend will be formed only when it breaks out of the 34786.17-37779.56 sideways section, so we need to pay attention to this and create a trading strategy.

If it breaks through the 38745.63 point with a sharp upward trend, it is expected to rise above 43160.0.

(1W chart)
If not, you are likely to be affected by the 1W chart.

Since the StochRSI indicator has touched the maximum of the overbought range, there is a possibility that the StochRSI indicator will gradually decline.

Accordingly, if it does not break through the 38531.90 point with a sharp rise, it is judged that there is a possibility of resistance.

Therefore, whether the price breaks through the 38531.90-28745.63 range with a sharp upward trend is an important factor, so we must take a close look at this point.


- The big picture
The full-fledged upward trend is expected to begin when the price rises above 29K.

This is the section expected to be touched in the next bull market, 81K-95K.

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(BTCUSDT.P 1D chart)
As it rose above 37243.4, it entered the zone where split sales of the first resistance zone were possible.

Accordingly, if it falls below 37243.4 and shows resistance, it is possible to enter a SHORT position.

The HA-High indicator on the 1D chart is formed at the 36353.0 point, so you can respond depending on whether you receive support or resistance around this point.

Even if it rises above 38641.1, support and resistance areas are formed over the 39846.8-42041.1 range, so it is judged that there is a possibility of maintaining the upward trend only if it breaks through the 38641.1 point with a sharp rise.
The title was spelled incorrectly.

Not 28745.63,
It is 38745.63.
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The key is whether the first resistance zone can be broken upward with a rapid rise.

If not, I think there is a good chance it will touch an important trend line, 32917.17-34110.32.
(BTC.D chart)
Since it has not risen above 53.65, there is a possibility that it will fall at any time.

However, since it is currently showing a rise above the MS-Signal indicator on the 1D chart, caution is required when trading altcoins.

It is time to carefully check the support and resistance points and think about whether you can purchase more when a good buying time comes.

For example, you need to check whether it is showing support or resistance around the 5EMA on the 1D chart.

Maintaining the price near 5EMA means that there is still a possibility of a sharp rise, so you should create a trading strategy based on the movement of BTC price, thinking that there is a possibility that it will rise at any time.

If the price is maintained near the MS-Signal indicator, that is, the M-Signal indicator, it can be seen that it has undergone some adjustment, so it falls into an area where it is highly likely that the upward trend will continue following the movement of the BTC price.

Accordingly, there are two sections that are good for additional purchases.

In addition, if the price is maintained near the HA-Low, HA-High indicators or the top of the box section, it can be considered a good buying time.

If you feel that it is unclear whether you are receiving support or resistance at the relevant point or section, it is better not to trade.

As always, waiting until a clear movement appears is more likely to make trading easier because you suffer less psychological damage, even if the rate of return is small.
It appears that support is being tested at point 37243.4.

Accordingly, after the volatility period around November 26th, it is necessary to check whether there is any movement outside the 35868.3-38641.1 range based on 37243.4-36176.0.

The 36176.0 point corresponds to the StochRSI > 20 indicator.

Since HA 5EMA is located near 37020.5, it is judged to be in an upward trend or surge zone.

Additionally, since the 5EMA on the 1D chart is located in the 37060.1-37243.4 range, I think it is highly likely that the upward trend will continue if support is confirmed around 37243.4.

Therefore, the key is whether a trend can be formed by deviating from the section mentioned above as the volatility period passes around November 26 (November 25-27).
#BTCUSDT #BTC #Bitcoin
The volatility period runs until November 27th.

Although we are passing through a period of volatility, the market atmosphere is quite quiet.

During this period of volatility, it is necessary to check whether the price can be maintained by breaking out of the sideways range of 34786.17-27779.56.

In particular, the key is whether it can rise above the first resistance range of 37779.56-38745.63.

If not, and the sideways trend continues, the next period of volatility is expected to be around December 9th.

(The key is whether the four-year cycle pattern can be continued)

(4년 주기 패턴을 이어질 수 있는지가 관건)

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