📊How to use Volume indicator to identify the BOTTOM?

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...and finally buy the right BTC and ALTs dip!😊

Hi friends! Lots of traders buy crypto at the ATH or close to it in hope to make 10x,100x etc. Is it possible and how to do it more succesfull? In this idea i`ll share with you some methods that can realy help you to:
🔶 identify the bottom of the market
🔶 use the volume indicator in right way
🔶 get crypto at a discount

1. Identify the bottom of the market. Already in several ideas I explain you how you can identify the bottom of the market, and traders shared their ideas in the comments also. We will not stop for a long time around all the methods, you can read about them in this idea and in the comments below it.

💹In this idea I will talk about the fundamental method of how to identify the bottom - liquidation. Liquidation is the process when the exchange takes traders' money to cover losses of a long or short. This can happen if you use leverage in trading and do not use risk and money management. 'Cascades of Liquidations' happen when the price falls without any stops by 30-50%. This is a result of not enough buyers in the market to hold the price and as the price drops, more and more leveraged positions get liquidated - it's like a snowball effect🏂 I've seen this in 2018, seen traders who entered the crypto market in the spring of 2020 and most recently in 2021.

2. Use the volume indicator in right way. Why do I use a volume indicator? It's very simple. This is an indicator that shows where a big players open or close their trades. 🚩If a huge liquidations have happened, someone has sold a lot and someone has bought a lot. Why? Just as DOM and Footprint help to identify whale buying or selling orders, so the volumes show the amount of money traded and help to identify liquidations. Also, it can be used at different timeframes to see whales' willingness to buy or sell at key levels, trend lines and other trading instruments. Volume is a real representation of the number of trades.

3. Get crypto at a discount . If you wanted to buy Bitcoin at 60k, why when it drop by 70% you don't want to buy it? Or altcoin, which is down by 95%? A simple example, when you go to the store you want to buy a car with a discount . If there are two identical Lambos🚙 which cost $250,000 and $100,000, why do you want to buy the one that costs more? Ask yourself this question. This is not financial advice, just a comparison of facts and explanation of traders psychology.

✅As we can see on the chart, the last time after such a massive liquidation in 2020-2021, Bitcoin and Ethereum rose by 1100% and 3400%. For example, Binance Coin (BNB) rose by 6460%, Cardano rose by 11400%. Also, after the last liquidations in 2021, there was a good ALTSEASON, when Bitcoin grew by 100%, and all Altcoins by more than 300%.

🏁My personal advice if it`s happen again:
1. Remember about your risks and money management.
2. Use your strategy and don`t panic. You need to just wait for good entry point.
3. Use VOLUME indicator like an additional tool. This indicator can help you to identify the bottom, but not to do all the work for you.

💻Please write in the comments if you still have the questions about the liquidations or Volume indicator! I`ll try to explain you additional tips 🎇

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P.S. Personally, I open an entry if the price shows it according to my strategy.
Always do your analysis before making a trade.

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