Will the next wave of support steps as BTC climb up?

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Since the beginning of January, the upward trend has been around the upward trend line , and each upward phase is extremely in line with the characteristics of the technical side. Will it follow suit?
At present, the top of the short cycle is expected to run in two shock modes, the head and shoulders top or the box shape!
The former is only a shorthand, and the pattern is confirmed below the $ 9,250 support; the latter relies on 9250 support and $ 9550 resistance to build a shock box for the region
Over time we also need to pay attention to the evolution of morphology
After bitcoin price reached an important resistance area of $ 9,500, it is reasonable to fall back into adjustment or shock. The resistance here is more critical. Moderate pullbacks and shocks in which time is exchanged for space are all manifestations of momentum. Do not fall below.
Then, at the support step 3, it is also a good price to continue to buy.