BITCOIN (BTC), Crypto Market Update - Thursday July 29

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Unfortunately a slow day in Bitcoin with quite low volatility .
Looks like the Market Makers are moving us into the corner between the previous June High of 41330 and the Upwards Trendline that took us to the High we are at.
The end of the month is as far as they can push it.
ETH also hasn't done much and has much further to go than BTC in trying to break its high's from June.
BTC Dominance had a bit of a pullback, still looking for a breakthrough of 50.
ETH Dominance slight upside but Macro is still coming down.
Definitely still Bitcoin season over alt Season.
The DXY (Dollar Currency Index) Still dumping so definitely possible for a little Crypto and general market bullishness

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