EDUCATION: Parabolic Growth Pattern

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Today's topic is parabolic growth pattern (PGP). This pattern can be applied for the current BTC price analysis.

What is the parabolic growth pattern?
This is a price growth pattern which is formed by the sequence of the bases and price pumps. The base is the price consolidation period after the price growth period.

How to draw it?
The main rule for PGP formation is that the parabola have to touch at least two points from the different bases. You can use arc to apply it on the chart.

How to analyze with PGP?
You can obtain some useful information for the price movement analysis when two bases have already formed and the third base formation is in progress. The main feature of PGP is that when the base 3 is completed the massive growth with a high probability there will be. This growth can be equal to the price change from the beginning of the formation of the parabola, but this growth is much more rapid.
After the last huge price move we should wait the pullback to the base 3 level. This pullback can be sharp or smooth but it is inevitable.

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