a simple solution to a perplexing problem(theory)

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this is only a theory, nothing more. my best take at a problem which has a lot of people at a quatervois recently (myself included).


there are only two kinds of moves within these markets:
1. impulses
2. corrections

if it ain't an impulse, then it's gotta be a correction - simple as that.

can we agree that the choppy move from july 20th is not an impulse?

it's a clean 3 wave move, with decreasing volume as we get higher. just look for yourself, the 3 day volume has almost come to a complete halt over the last few days, with some sporadic pumps that take us nowhere.

i think this larger correction is only half way completed, and we have another 6~7 months of pain before it becomes tendie season again.

don't think of this bear phase as something negative either, look at it from the perspective of - if you're willing to wait it out, you can buy crypto at the absolute bottom next year, and cash out big at the next top ;).

could totally be wrong here, but it's just a vibe i get from these markets, an intuitive feeling which i can't explain in words.

only time will tell where this thing goes, so let's take it day by day, and work with what we have in front of us for the time being.


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