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Is BTC still in the bearish trend? BTC price might be seen hitting in the 30's. Perfect opportunity to buy the dip as I believe we won't see BTC prices in this range. Buy the dip and hodl. This chart covers both way incase if btc goes bullish or continue with its bearish market trend.

Simple and easy to read strategy that covers both way to maximize your profits with very little losses. Any thoughts on BTC? ARE YOU HODLING? Any price predictions, bullish / bearish predictions, news that could affect price, etc? Comment below

Will we be bullish or will we see a bearish trend? Wherever it goes, we will be ready for any directional moves.
Do not put any trades in between any entries unless price is touching near resistance or support. If that's the case, place sells at resistance and buys at support with 20-25 pip stop loss to avoid massive losses. When price breaks on either resistance or support, enter for a buy when the resistant zone is broken and sell when support zone is broken with the same 20-25 pip stop loss concept.

What my goal is for you to create your own charts and your own signals without relying on signal groups, callouts, or even myself. You will develop better technical analysis skills, know how to properly place high quality support and resistance , proper advanced risk to reward ratio, etc. At the end you'll create your own signals based on your own analysis which will guarantee make you a more and better discipline profitable trader.

I recommend as for starters to start off with a demo so that you get familiar with the strategy. I hope you are enjoying my content as I update them at the start of each week, mid-week, and at the end of the week. Thank you and appreciate a lot!