After 10 straight days of daily green candles, it was expected to see a price reversal. A few days back we did fall to 36500 and bounced back up. I am waiting to see if we would be making a higher low to confirm the bullishness of the market. If 35500-35000 breaks, 31000 comes into play. However, I would keep an open mind and start buying around 33k all the way down since the price can reverse from 33k as well.
We are currently below the ichimoku cloud , doesnt look good for the next 20-24 hours, let the monday daily candle close and it would give us more insight.

Current Spot Orders
20% @ 36000
10% @ 35000
10% @ 34000
10% @ 33000
10% @ 32000
10% @ 31000
10% @ 30000
20% @ 28500
*if you see a bullish reversal, try to buy in at the reversal - check volume before making decisions*