BITFINEX:BTGUSD   Bitcoin Gold / U.S. Dollar
This is a long I too this when I looked at stuff this morning. Nothing really happening but I think it should go up, I have done many times. Its a safe enough coin should BTC not drop like a bomb, like can fall a $ or 2 - it has been doing better than NEO, my stop is 18.50 but can be higher to save money. This one jump should see 24-25$ if BTC stays up/breaks up. BTC on my fibs is kind of at the top for the moment and can retrace from here but it could also break up. Kind of in limbo. But have this long lets see how it goes.

Comment: Target Zoomed Out

vs BTC Target
Comment: Maybe not - be careful/

Comment: This one is margin on Bitmex look at the panic.

This is the normal one

Anyways its poised play at your on risk as with everything I post, I post to learn see how things play.
Read a story on here shorts getting squeezed. From cnn it was from one of these rag news on here. Probably the opposite or nothing is an idea.