BTM - Setting Up for Another Explosive Run

Entry Strategy:
1) Three entry point specified.
2) If price today able to close above yellow line, jump in at the end of market closing
3) If price unable to close above yellow line, wait for E2 and E3

1) Respecting weekly uptrend line
2) PAV observed at the red marked zone
3) Normal impulsive wave - less speculative noise

Sector Sentiment:
Good for 2020. Expected bullish continuation for 2021.

I am nubis, i am non-premium members ..follow if you think this idea make sense..just sit back, relax and make some money.

# Are-snuff Traders Club
# Bilis Traders Group
Trade active: Entry: 0.235 (1 mar 2021)
Current: 0.245

TP : 0.31
Comment: Average down at 3rd Entry Zone: 0.215 (23 Apr 2021)
Current: 0.235
Comment: Avreage down at 3rd Entry zone: 0.200 (24 May 2021)
Current: 0.245

Note: structure looks healthy towards the target price. HOLD