Has the momentum shifted?

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Red is the down channel....blue is where it seems to have shifted...green indicates hard shift in momentum. They just released 3rd quarter reports, everything is up...lets hope this shift has some weight and we see this climb to it's actual value point (around $9)
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Well this feels great but long term this feels like it's going to hurt....a bunch. If gold holds maybe the billion + share momentum keeps up from closing those gaps...but if gold does a hiccup and the shorts get control...we are in for a sharp retreat.

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Whoop whoop...I love it when TA comes together. My lines may be a little off...my knowledge a little thin...but gaps do close 99% of the time...one gap is one thing...gaps multiple days in a row? Take your profits and re-enter. Still amazing opportunity. AU will strike it rich and this sp will soar to new highs!! For now though...lets focus on increasing the position and making those sweet dividends count!

I am money in @ $5 again. Gap @ 4.90. Closing it would be healthy even though I was enjoying those gains.
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This has been a great chart for me. I got a bit panicky and came back in @ 5.20. Could have shown more patience there. We've gapped again and should see 5.45/50 before rocket ship take off.

Interesting, on ceo.ca I was witness to someone suggesting BTO take over KNT. While I doubt that is in the cards...I would be loving that if it happened.

Take more while you can, the days of slow gold and down BTO are over. Time for a pay out.
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lol.... well...maybe not quite over!! God damn BTO and it's cycles!!

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