BTT/USDT Psychology. Reversible evolution of hamster thinking

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Logarithm. Time frame 4 hours.

1️⃣ Exit from the long accumulation by pump the price using the “stick” method +135%. From the average price of the accumulation +200%. CODE 237 (pump time)

2️⃣ Formation of bullish (ascending triangle). Not returning the price after the pampa by a significant percentage to cause bewilderment and regret about the sale of those who sold with profit).

3️⃣ Breaking through its resistance and fixing the price. Special clamping of the price with orders to "compress the spring". Launch of positive “news” (background to accompany the price movement). Expectations for the majority to see the “connection”.

4️⃣ Further development of the game with a round dance of those connected to the "money egregor", without antivirus (knowledge and experience). Pulling their strings in thinking using greed and low intelligence. Waves of trend development and position resetting.
Trade closed: target reached:
Local correction of BTC -6% to 13
The whole market is falling, and this coin even grows +30% (+300% from the average accumulation price).
Miracles? No, we need to keep the chart logic for the near future ("don't mess up the chart"). If the market is being dumped, they stop holding the price, as it is not logical. If it's like it is now, they try to hold.
Trade active
As expected, on December 13, the local decline in BTC, and as a projection of the market as a whole, was stopped. The price on day 3 flies along level 126. Remember, the coin is at a significant profit. Currently about +240% of the average price of the set. I specifically show all this locally, where it is not entirely profitable to trade, so that you understand that the main thing is not guessing, but a well-thought-out tactics of action based on risk management, and not on the basis of emotional reactions (the key ones are greed and fear). The tool and price in the trend are not important. Although tactics are changing, which is logical. The ticker name does not matter if you are trading locally or medium term. It matters who you are and what you do. The meaning of the work is relevant and applicable to any crypto wrappers in the present or future.

Negative scenario.
If the “walls” are removed and the price consolidates below this level and then below the extremely important 113 (mirror level of the triangle), go short with #stopLoss 126-128. But you will need to act extremely quickly.

Positive scenario.
Who sold at values of 160-170, that is, under the resistance zone of 180, and also earlier on the pump. It is rational to use a buy stop and move it after a decline. But, not too close, so as not to catch a false breakout of this local downward trend (direction of price movement). Although you need to understand that this can happen.

That is, during a reversal, if they continue to pump, due to the triggering of a buy stop, you will automatically “be in business.” Although, the stop may be partially triggered if the reversal is a “stick” (price slippage), this also needs to be understood.

Take what the market gives. If you took less than expected or missed a move altogether, don’t be upset. The market will not run away, catch up next time, there are thousands of instruments (crypto). In trying to make money, you received small acceptable (key word) losses in advance - no problem, next time it will be better. It is impossible to predict everything, and it is not necessary. Work tactically from a risk/reward position and be patient with the market and with yourself.

You can combine the meaning of margin trading with short and spot trading. If you are in a significant profit in the spot, then you can add several pending limit buy orders at key support zones, in case there is a sharp slippage (drain) and return. 95 (symbolic in size, optional), 75, 45. But, it is worth noting that the lower the size, the size increases the order, but not vice versa. It is worth emphasizing again that this is not necessary.
impulse to break the local downtrend. Perhaps a reversal for further pumping. It is very important how bitcoin will behave in this zone
today 29 12 2023 price is still in a squeeze range after a pump and pullback, above the 113 level. Today was a +30% momentum to 148. Pullback back to support.
this is what it looks like on the linear at the moment
On a larger scale, this momentum and local support/resistance levels
Trade closed: target reached:
+150% c local reversal of the exit from the wedge-whipple to the resistance level 0,,,,234. From average price of the set at the moment +450%

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