Chances of Accidental No Deal Brexit Increased Significantly

TVC:BXY   British Pound Currency Index
Traders are now aware of the April 12th deadline and that it will be extended into May if Parliament passes Prime Minister May's deal she made with the EU earlier in the month. However, the last deal she presented to Parliament lost by a staggering 150 votes. That's quite a bit to make up in 20 days. And what traders are probably not pricing in yet is the possibility of a no deal Brexit which the chances of over the past 24 hours just dramatically increased. Chances of accidental no deal Brexit were already elevated before Tusk's ultimatum. Overall, I'm now quite negative on every pound pair. Technicals at the weekly view also suggest GBPUSD is a bit overpriced. Here's more words and charts on the topic if you're interested: https://anthonylaurence.wordpress.com/20...