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I would like to quote a wise (and profitable) trader at this point:

"Trading is a simple game. What makes it so complicated is the presence of the SNB."

Put simply:
I'm buying the CAD against CHF for a long-term swing trade.

The reasons for this are short and sweet:
- As predicted back in February, Swiss inflation fell below 2% in July.
- As predicted, Swiss inflation fell much faster than the SNB had expected (currently at 1.4%)
- As predicted, the SNB raised interest rates for the last time in June and paused in September
- Tomorrow the SNB will not raise rates, but the market will start to price in possible SNB rate cuts for 2024

- My forecast: 1st rate cut by the SNB in 2024 will be in March or June

- As predicted in this trade idea, the Swiss economy is increasingly weakening and flirting very aggressively with a possible recession, which would seal 2-3 possible rate cuts in 2024

And no, this text was not written by CHADGPT (an AI would now say ;)
🟢The trade is off to a good start!🟢

Helped by a dovish SNB🏛🇨🇭 I'm pretty positive this trade will has legs from January on.
-> SNB declared their rate hiking cycle has ended, no further hikes are needed.
-> As I said in my previous CHF Short Idea: From next year on the discussion will be when not IF the SNB will first cut rates🟢
🇨🇭📊 You have to be a little cautious with the inflation data from Switzerland over the next two months:
-> These will rise slightly, as the higher electricity prices are now having an effect, but rental prices, which are adjusted once a year in Switzerland, will also contribute to an increase.
🟢The end of the year flows into the CHF should be over by now
-> The trade has a lot of room to move to the upside from here!🟢
(Of course the Swiss CPI wil be highly watched this week🇨🇭📊)
🇨🇭📊As forecasted the Swiss CPI saw a rise towards 1.7%.
📊🔮And as I said the next month will see a rise again this time to 2% or maybe even slightly above🔮📊
-> BUT: This rise will be temporary so the SNB won't act on it.
🏛🇨🇭I see the SNB cutting rates in June 24🟢

The trade will take some more time till the market also gets that the rise in inflation will only be temporary.
🔮Thats the curse of knowing where inflation and the economy is heading, often you have to wait for the market till he understands it.
📊🇨🇦 CPI out of Canada was a tad more on the hotter side and so keeps the BOC from cutting rates (for now)

🏛🇨🇦The market prices a first cut for the march meeting, which I see as too aggressive.
Every strong data point (Employment data early february next) will price out more cuts out of the march meeting and so push the CAD further up🟢
🟢The trade continues to oscillate rather sedately and lacks the final push to free it from its range.

📊🇨🇦 With the labour market data from Canada this Friday,
🇨🇭📊and also next week's inflation data from Switzerland it could finally provide more volatility✅️

⚠️📊🔮As predicted 2 months ago, Swiss inflation will rise towards 2% this time, or possibly even slightly higher🔮📊⚠️
🟢This week we are facing two extremely important data points for the CADCHF with the
🏛🇨🇭SNB's interest rate decision and the
📊🇨🇦CPI from Canada

🏛🇨🇭 The market is expecting the SNB to cut interest rates with a 40% probability, which, if it actually materialises, would give my CADCHF long a decent boost🟢
🇨🇭🔮 But even if they didn't cut rates (60% probability) it wouldn't be a disaster because, as I predicted 4 months ago, the SNB will cut rates in June at the latest✅️

Quote 13 December 2023: "- My forecast: 1st interest rate cut by the SNB in summer 2024 (March or June)"
🏛🇨🇭 And the SNB was actually the first of the G8 central banks to cut interest rates back in March
-> the CHF got a good beating💥💥💥 (as expected)
-> great for my CADCHF Long which is on its way into the promised land of Take Profits✅️

-> 🔮my prophecy from December last year came true🔮

! 🔮But that's not all folks🔮 !
-> 🏛🇨🇭Ich expect the SNB to cut interest rates again in June🔮
-> the CHF train will continue its downwards journey✅️


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