CAKE: breakout very soon


Just now, BTC broke out from a mid-term resistance line, retested, then pumped hard to 55555usd. I see similar pattern on CAKE. The breakout is imminent. I don't predict price of few days. Let's see the real bull run target.

Now CAKE is in a half-year correction. It finished a classic Wyckoff re-accumulation phase and entered phase E. A new uptrend is coming. My first target is the previous high of 44, then 100. Price around 150 is very like in altseason.

Fundamentally, Pancakeswap is the most important application on BSC . Its token CAKE, unlike the solely reward token ( UNI , CRV , et al.), is extremely useful. CAKE's single asset pools have the highest and most stable yields among DeFis. It is also a distribution platform of other tokens, and an NFT marketplace. I'm expecting CAKE entering Top 10 rank at least for a short while.

And there is a secret behind CAKE: Why does Binance not open futures trading for CAKE? Because CZ has his plan.