CAKE Basic trend. Working with reversal zones. Money management.

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Logarithm. Time frame 1 week. Major trend. Combined education and potential trade in ideas.

Pivot zones from key liquidity zones.

The main idea and meaning of this idea is to show the logic of working with reversal zones from key resistance support levels, which will determine the further development of the trend. I have shown all possible scenarios of secondary trend development from more probable and logical to less probable, but which have the right to be realized. You should always keep even unlikely scenarios in your mind, even if you do not believe in them. Few people calculate different variants of trend development ahead of time. In most, as a rule, there is one scenario of price movement, but it is built in most cases on the desire that it was exactly as profitable.

This is how this trend looks like on a line chart.

Exchanges and surprises. Money management.

CAKE (PancakeSwap) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) token on the Binance Smart Chain, launched by anonymous developers

The coin as an example of similar crypto of the third liquidity group, which lose capitalization, that is, people's faith in the project itself - "the faith of the community is killed". It is quite possible that at one moment the faith in anonymous developers will be "killed" and they will use the existing liquidity for the last time.

I emphasize what blockchain the token is made on and how many bad triggers (FUD and not only) in the info space, not only with the designation “4”.

The idea (long-term trend) is more educational than trading because of the degree of risk (liquidity, “ugly chart” for the future, large depreciation, breaking a long horizontal channel at a very large %). My desire is to trace on a live chart how the fate of two exchanges will be reflected on the price of this token in the future. Liquid, popular, reliable and conditionally decentralized with “anonymous developers”.

Local trend. Work in it (only in it and nothing else). Risk Management.

But, in the local trend at the moment, this coin is interesting to work, especially since the triangle is almost formed and soon the dénouement. Stops will be quite short in the direction of the breakout, that is work. I will post an idea for local-medium term work below.

Take a local profit (maybe substantial) and forget once and for all about crypto fantasies and what will happen to the price next. No regrets if you took a relatively small profit and further development of the trend showed an order of magnitude more. In the end, it may be the other way around, you will be the lucky one who “made it” before the “sunset”. Learn to take profit from the market, it is better to take a little bit at a time, limiting risks, than to take a potentially large profit (which is what most “sectarians” are waiting for).

In the long run, I highly recommend not getting involved with this or other similar cryptocurrencies. You will be playing casino, and not so much with risk management (risk/profit ratio in trading) but with money management (money management in general, places to store and trade). So stops can be useless in some not quite trading situations.

Note how I've written a lot of information that doesn't really apply to this cryptocurrency directly, but only indirectly, as a potential consequence of more global yet equally potential events.

Observe money management and risk management in trading, diversify where you trade and store crypto assets, this will guarantee a sound sleep in the future..

Secondary trend + local work. Time frame 3 days. 08 2023
02 11 2023 Possible momentum for substantial % under pamp alts.
linear for clarity. Super "faith in communities is killed".
the main trend is practically price lows
Exit from the local channel (2nd phase) +23 to the level of 1.61. "Steam Descent.
Trade closed: target reached:
+81.36% exactly into the 2,486 1tsl level reached.
Trade active
Trade closed: target reached:
Price has reached the upward pennant of the bowl resistance at 3,804, the former zone of long consolidation before the fall. Profit from the 1,360 level reversal zone is now +180% in momentum on the market

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