$CARA Target 17.68 for 24.42%

NASDAQ:CARA   Cara Therapeutics, Inc.
$CARA Target 17.68 for 24.42%

Or double position at 10.74

I'm not sure if I published this one when I first bought on that hellacious dip, haha. 🤣 Anyway, it looks like it found a little bit of support here so, might as well publish it here
This might not be a trade you want to play... I will post better ones... just for reference here.

On the far right of the chart is my Average (Grey) Current Target (Green), and Next Level to add (Red) Percentage to target is from my average.

I start every position with 1% of my account and build from there as needed and as possible.

I am not your financial advisor. Watch my setups first before you jump in… My trade set ups work very well and they are for my personal reference and if you decide to trade them you do so at your own risk. I will gladly answer questions to the best of my knowledge but ultimately the risk is on you. I will update targets as needed.
GL and happy trading.

I finally added my YouTube Training Video to my profile tagline since I’m not allowed to on here. It’s a quick 15 minute training video on how to set up your chart and how to spot opportunities. So check here first but If you have questions just message me.

YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/@spyderqueentrading (Almost DAILY updates, come play)

I am not your financial advisor.